About Strand Studios Video Production

Strand Studios Company History

Strand Studios was founded on the principle that quality feature film and video production could be done quickly and exceptionally. We believe special effects, phenomenal image quality and crystal clear sound should not be reserved to big budget studio productions, or at the very least we can assist in those productions and deliver unparalleled quality at reasonable rates.

Our goal is simple - utilize our talent, resources, connections and hard work to develop the highest quality productions produced anywhere.

The Future of our Production Company

We will continue to produce cutting edge projects for visionary producers and studios, delivering big budget results without breaking the bank. We are expanding every day into new territory including 3D Production, Visual Effects, 3-D Modeling and Set Building, and much more.

Professional Writers, Directors, Editors and Crew

Whatever your needs, we have the team to deliver top quality, professional results. Our Writers, Directors, Cinematographers, LD's, AD's, Editors, Animators and Internet Marketing Experts are the best in the business and we're continually expanding our staff and our talent pool. We have the team you need to make your production look like a million bucks!