Reality TV Show / Live Television Production

This genre covers a wide range of programming formats, from game or quiz shows like �Survivor� or �American Idol� to surveillance- or voyeurism-focused productions such as �Meet the Kardashians�. At Strand Studios, we specialize in capturing the moments which creates a story in a dramatic style. If you are hosting an event and you want to capture the behind the scenes action or think you lead an interesting life that others would be intrigued to follow, we will capture, edit, and distribute in high definition these compelling days of your life.

Full Service Reality Production Company

Our reality television production company conceives pitches, sells, often makes a pilot, and then hopefully goes to series with a reality television concept. We produce the show from beginning to end. We set up the location or the crew or the cast or the concept and they produce it. Then we edit and deliver it as a finished television show for a network or a customer of some sort.

Our Relationship with Television networks

Our production company does not usually work for the network in a boss-employee relationship; we deliver products to the customer. The relationship is the network is funding the production. Usually, the money for a reality show comes from the network to our production company. Our production company spends the network's money to make the television show, and then hands the network back and episode, or a series of television.

Reality Show Content that Networks Seek

Reality TV production companies keep an eye on all the networks to see what they're looking for, and the way they know what the networks want is in several different ways. Some networks are very open about what they're looking for and will even publicize it. You can sometimes even open a newspaper and find out what they want, or you can hear a network executive claiming that he wants to find the next something or other. Some networks are more closed about what they want to develop but they will tell the agents in Hollywood what they're looking for, and then many of the big agencies send out an email to all of their clients saying, "We just talked to Lifetime. They're looking for the next women's game show. It should cost about this much and should be deliverable before the end of the year." Then the clients all think, "Oh! I have something like that" or "I can make up something like that" and go pitch that. That's another method through which you can find out what the networks are looking for in terms of reality television. Another method is just directly going to the network, getting a meeting with a network executive and saying, "What is it you're looking for?" And usually they say, "The next big hit."